Hoobastank and Wondergirls

Sometime of this month, i went to a very cool concert that was held in KLCC park titled Twin Tower Live 2011. Cool because Hoobastank was there, and even more awesome because it was free. Its not only Hoobastank there though there were Malaysian local artists also such as Yuna, Bunkface and Bunkface vocalist side projects, The Azenders. Also there were Korean girls band which become so popular these day, Wondergirls.

Wondergirls Live

Show opened up by Yuna, Malaysian guitarist-vocalist. Her voice kinda remind me of Regina Spektor with guitar instead of piano. When i was there at the concert, i didnt know any of her song. I just saw her once in a while in local tv. The performance was quite good, full band but still sounds like accoustic maybe because of the songs. My personal pick for that day performance : Super Something, check this Youtube link.

After Yuna, The Azenders and Bunkface followed up. I was quite confused when the Azenders come out to the stage, because the frontman is quite familiar. Turns out that the Azenders vocalist, is Sam Anuar which also Bunkface vocalist. Confused ? i was too. Anyway, the Azenders song was quite catchy. Sounds like Angel and Airwaves, heres one song from them.

Before this concert, i never saw or listen fully any of the wondergirls video. I saw pic of them quite often in the internet, which i admit i thought they were some kind of JAV artist (you know what i mean right ? *blink). When i saw them live, i was lil bit approving my previous suspicion haha. All of them was so beautiful, scarily beautiful with smokin hot outfit and tempting dance moves! Good heavens!.  One random thing, there was a guy beside me who bring a backpack. After a while with a straight face , he pulled out a long military grade binocular out of it, geez. Talking about determined hardcore fans, or in this case should i say, stalker ? hehe.

I didnt know any of their song, but when Wondergirls encore the performance with Nobody, i cant help my self to sing and clap together. I think im a fan now.

I want nobody nobody but you! clap clap! nobody nobody but you! clap clap! blablabla (Korean language mumbles)

After 6 hours of standing and Wondergirls eye candy, at last Hoobastank comes out to rock the Stage! Opening up with “Out Of Control”, they succeeded to create the heat. Doug Rob, Dan Estrin, Chris Hesse and Jesse Charland played their greatest hits setlist such as Running Away, Same Direction, Remember Me, If I Were You etc. They performed for about an hour, encored by The Reason at exactly 00.30 AM. IMHO, the tone of their performance starts with a spike up with Out of Control and then getting slower until reach The Reason. Quite strange for a rock band huh ? i was quite dissapointed also they didnt perform their latest single which is cover song of Ghostbusters OST.

All in all it was great, its a free concert afterall so i cannot complain. Next schedule for my concert hopping : Maroon 5 and Switchfoot! Looking forward to this weekend, woohoo!

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