What im into lately

Ive been single for few months now. no no, this opening doesnt meant to be a single gloomy sentence that will make this entire post sounds like emo. Apart from the fact that im single, thanks God life is still doing so awesome for me. Well, i realized relationship is one part of me that im quite suck at it haha. But no worries folks, im not a fan of giving up and being negative. So yes, ive been going for another romance this time. Quite in the early stage but started in a fun way.

Now heres the thing, im gonna give you 5 of the songs that repeating on my playlist this week. If you know me in person, you might be have a clue what kinda romance im into now or if you know me that well, you can even name the lucky girl haha. Enjoy now and listen to the lyrics carefully šŸ˜€

Get it now ? oh dont get it ? its ok no worries, all of that still makes a great music to cheer your days up right? :). Dont take it seriously readers, im just having fun in this post.

and you, yes you with your signature smile and knowledge word in sanskrit in your name! dont look left and right, yes im talking to you miss! Heres a lyric for you to understand clearly

Follow me
Everything is alright
I’ll be the one to tuck you in at night
And if you want to leave
I can guarantee
You won’t find nobody else like me
– Uncle Cracker, Follow Me

Yes, you will never find nobody else like me. Be smart and live up to your name haha.

One thought on “What im into lately

  1. ebuset. main detektif rupanya pak Kiki šŸ˜€
    paling seneng Uncle Cracker btw, lagu yang memorable dari jaman SMP šŸ˜€

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