Deftones live in KL

Last weekend, i went to the concert by a metal band which ive been following them since junior high. I watch them first time on the afternoon MTV show (alternative nation or most wanted, im not sure) through their video clip “Back To School” and it was straigthly headbanging me down. Then i know them more on the Family Values tour DVD with other bands such as Korn and Limp Bizkit, from that i knew their powerhouse singles like ” 7 words” and “engine no 9”. If you still dont know who is this band im talking about, Youtube those two singles i mention before and i guarantee it will blow your simple mind of yours haha. Yes, im talking about Chino Moreno, Chi Cheng, Abe Cunningham, Frank Delgado and Stephen Carpenter a.k.a Deftones.

Live in KL

The show was held at KL Live, an unfinished club at jalan Sultan Ismail not far from Hard Rock cafe. After office hour done, i rush back to apartment, change my office look to black t shirt and black jeans and running excitedly to the venue. The venue is quite small which  i think Tennis Indoor Jakarta is bigger than this. I went in when the opening band already start playing, some local Malaysian band which i dunno the name. Quite a time though before Deftones start rockin, the audience was so bored waiting for them they start singin the background song (one of which is Next Episode by Dr Dre). After approx 30 minutes, Deftones enter the stage.

They started the show with one song that sadfully i didnt know it, its from the first album i guess. It all start quite slowly though, but when Stephen Carpenter started roaring his 7 string into the intro of ” Engine no 9″, the mass starting to get crazeeeeh. Chino and friends didnt let the audience stop and rest because after that they burnt the stage with full-fledge distortion from My Own Summer, Far Away, Knife Party, Minerva , Hexagram consecutively. Chino really superb, he performed his distinctive scream (which sounds like 13-years old little girl if i may add) all the way to that killer set list. Then they continue with songs from White Pony album which a lil bit down tempo such as Digital Bath. After a short break and bit chit chat, they started to ear-blowing distortion again from singles from their latest album Diamond Eyes such as Diamond Eyes, Royal, Youve Seen the Butcher, Beauty School and my personal favorite Rocket Skates. Later after that they continue with their older singles such as Hole in the earth and closed by a head banging encore which was 7 words.

All in all its pretty much like greatest hits concert and it was worth every single shilling of my money hahaha. It was damn awesome and i proudly said that was the greatest concert ive ever been until now. Next concert will be Maroon 5 on April, less metal but i hope Adam Levine will still rockin. Done for this post, see you again Deftones!! (waving metal hand signal)

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