Doing a gig in Idul Adha

to start this post, firstly im going to say Happy Idul Adha for my fellow Moslems out there. This year is my first experience having raya haji outside of my country albeit im living in Malaysia right now which is not very different from Indonesia. After digging of some infos regarding where should i went to sholat ied, i found out that Indonesian embassy held sholat ied at Wisma Duta which is ambassador house. So me and my room mate Agung, decided to go there for this year sholat ied.

The place its not very far from our condo , took a cab and its just cost me 7RM. There were lots of Indonesian, predictable since here Indonesian has been considered as the fourth race after Malay, Chinese and Indian due to its huge population. Surprisingly for me when we enter the venue, the embassy give us food voucher. After sholat ied, i could exchange that voucher into one box of drooling Nasi Padang. While eating i managed to know new friend there also, one is Redy which is magister student taking communication major and the other is Arma an engineer in Sime Darby. I hangout there for few minutes because we have another schedule to go to ( in another words other free foods to hog off).









Broadband division VP, Puan Rohaya, invited us which is Indonesian expats team to attend her Idul Adha open house. Puan’s house is in Sungai Buloh which is 30 minutes from KL using KTM (train). I already felt warm greeting knowing that Puan’s wife was waiting for us in the train station despite the fact that train was late 15 minutes. At Puans house, I ate a very nice home made rendang. Fit perfectly with this raya kurban ambience. What i found in Puan house is full set of music instrument  including one grand piano, after i ask puan then i know that all the family members is so into music. Bless me and my big mouth, after having very good meal me and my friends Puan force me to jam and sing some Indonesian songs. Cant get more excited, ive been longing for playing again in a band since forever.

Me, Agung and Puans niece which also a semi pro guitarist then took the stage. We perform mostly Indonesian song such as Ungu, Peterpan and the notorious song Wali – Cari Jodoh which is very popular here. Ok, before you judge me as an alay vocalist, let me explain that Cari Jodoh is a specific request from a VP in my office so between getting fired or singing so called alay song i choose the first one (clearly an alibi, since im also an avid ST12 listeners). It was so fun and more importantly Puan said that i had a good voice also (wonderful thing happened when you have guts to sing Wali- Cari Jodoh). After playing for an hours or so, me and my friends have then went home with big smile, fully belly and lots of thanks to Puan Rohaya and family. What a great idul adha i had this year.

One thing i miss about idul adha in Surabaya is the smell of so called cattle street vendors everywhere i go, you definitely cannot find it in KL. Maybe the terms cattle street vendors it self only exist in Indonesia where government let you sell a live breathing cattles just right beside the street (with the poo odours goes all over the place). Anyway, happy idul adha and may all of our qurbans accepted by the greatest being of all. Amien


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