Klantink, A Representation of Sumpah Pemuda

Deep condolence for the recent disasters that struck  my homeland Indonesia.  Days ago theres tsunami in Mentawai Sumatera followed by eruption of Merapi volcano happened just before today, 28th October which is the anniversary of Sumpah Pemuda.  Amid the sad atmosphere surrounding Indonesia right now, i hope this moment of Sumpah Pemuda will bring optimism and hope. Because i believe in a bad time like these, only by throw away our differences we can overcome incoming waves adversity.

Indonesia is an archipelago consist of nearly 17,000 islands and more than 300 cultural groups which i am very proud of. One day i stumbled upon one video that really represents how rich Indonesian culture is by the forms of musical. This is a video of Klantink in collaboration with Peni Chandra performing medley of Indonesian folksong in a world music arrangement. Klantink is a group of street musician from Surabaya whose also winner in Indonesia Mencari Bakat (Indonesia Got Talent), while Peni Chandra is a world music singer. One thing i admire about Klantink eventough all of them are Javanese, but in this video they sing Kecak song  from Bali and Yamko Rambe Yamko from Papua very well.

Enough said about it, just enjoy this video on you will know what im bragging about.

Great isnt it ? you can watch other video of them by using Klantink as keyword. In my opinion this performance is what sumpah pemuda is really all about. See how Klantink try to use the diversity of Indonesian music to create a beautiful composition should provoke our thinking that it is difference that brings a beauty. We in Indonesia have all the differences, thats what make us a beautiful country.

Selamat Hari Sumpah Pemuda Indonesia..

Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, Berbeda beda tetapi tetap satu, satu Indonesia.

Kami poetera dan poeteri Indonesia, mengakoe bertoempah darah jang satoe, tanah air Indonesia.
Kami poetera dan poeteri Indonesia, mengakoe berbangsa jang satoe, bangsa Indonesia.
Kami poetera dan poeteri Indonesia, mendjoendjoeng bahasa persatoean, bahasa Indonesia.

Sumpah Pemuda in Wikipedia

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