Friday night young talent pizza party


First week of my new job is already passed and i still didnt get any busy work, mainly i just do some paperwork and doing minutes of meeting. I left office alil bit early today and because at that time i still dont have any plan , i suspect this friday nite gonna be boring for me. Luckily in the afternoon two of my colleague at Celcom and Axiata Young Talent program, Jun and Nabil come to hangout in my condo. We decided to have little pizza party inviting the rest of the YTP pack nearby which is my Indonesian mate Leo, Nadia and Sylvi. At a lifesaving moment, Heizran also come bringing some cokes, party on then.


It was a great nite, chill out and chit chat about anything from office gossips until Indonesia – Malaysia culture sharing haha. Overall ive been saved from curse of boring friday night, thanks to my malaysian friend who show up just in time. Maybe i should consider housewarming and have some barbeque.


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