Big changes in my lifelines

For almost one year, ive been living in Jakarta, the babylon city of Indonesia. I dont really like the city at the first place because many of factors such as its traffic, crowded and especially high living cost but  ive met good friends and colleague here.  Some of my college friends also start moving to Jakarta afterwards and we hangout quite often. All in all, my times is actually fun and i was already quite settled until one thing came up. There was opening in one major telco carrier in Malaysia, i applied , got thru some of the normal recruiting process and i was accepted on board. In this post, im gonna sit back and write what an incredible years ive got :).

Soon after my graduation day which is November 09, ive got a job in TechMahindra as a Technical Associate. TechMahindra is global telco solution integrator which is joint venture between BT and Mahindra group. Ive assigned  to one of its major client in Indonesia which is Jakarta-based Natrindo Telepon Seluler (Axis) therefore i packed my things and moved to Jakarta as well. For more than 20 years ive been living in my parents house in Sidoarjo, moving to Jakarta was a bit frightening to me at first. But as my  good friend adhilaras once said, working in Jakarta is a man survival test and that time i decided to take the test.








Fellow TechMighties

My days in TechM was vey nice and challenging. Ive assigned in Siebel CRM Operation team and work in 24/7 environment of telco which i have to works in shift. I learn basic telco operation and Siebel CRM eComm Wireless which i have to take care its day-to-day operations. Most of my college were Indians expat, and although i consider my self fairly good in english in my school and college times, only at this point i was using english on a daily basis. Somewhere around august, i stumbled into Celcom Young Talent ads in one career website. Curious and interested because Celcom is a major telco provider in malaysia, i applied and long story short i was accepted and had to relocate to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Kinda hard for me because ive already comfort with the life and colleague in TechM, but it always been a dream for me to work abroad. I resigned from TechM and decided again relocate to different place.








This so sarcastically funny version of me

Oh ya before i relocate to KL, i had two great farewell party with my fellow college friends Jak-Phoenic and my colleague at TechM. Both of them give me a very nice presents, JakPhoenic gave me a mug which each one of them signed and ive got sarcastically funny hand drawn charicature from fellow techmighties.








Mug from JakPhoenic

And here i am now, writing this post from 25th floor of Orion Condo right in the middle of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Tomorrow will be day one of my new adventure as a IT engineer at prepaid division Celcom Axiata Sdn Bhd. Just like my incredible one year settlement in Jakarta with TechMahindra, i wish this following year with Celcom will be even more interesting, exciting and challenging.

all the best for all of us.

The Magnificent JakPhoenic, miss you guys






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