Its sunday morning folks, non hectic time that really compels me to snooze all day. But theres something, caught my attention. A green shiny four squared object imprinted with fancy writings, here you go.

makes me feels old to realize that my friend is gonna be married

Yap one of fellow PHOENIC05 will not gonna be single anymore on next week, and that one will be the first one from all 69 Information System ITS circa 2005 fellow. Dan yang membuka segel pertama kali itu adalah Desy Putri Purnama Sari, teman KP dan juga kolega satu kantor saya sekarang.  Sebenarnya bukan berita baru sih, desy memang dari dulu punya ambisi untuk  menikah ASAP hehehe. Seperti layaknya pekerja IT, Desy pun menyediakan website tersendiri untuk pernikahannya, check this link.

Semoga sukses ya des dalam menempuh hidup baru. Doa kita semua bersamamu, semoga menjadi keluarga sakinah mawaddah dan warohmah. Ok then lets cheer up and sing a song for the next-to-be couple folkas:).

PS: Dont ask when is my time, when it comes ill post it here 😀

Posted by Kiki Ahmadi

Product and Strategy guy in Indonesia startup ecosystem | Graduated from ITS Surabaya and University of Manchester | Listen to music all day every day

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  1. terima kasih bung kiki ahmadi, hope you’ll find ‘her’ soon ^^


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