Firefox Plugin Devtalk at ITS

hi guys,

weve got an exciting event and i think you all should get buzzed about it. ok then , be prepared and check this out!!.

Mozilla Day @ ITS Surabaya

are you one of the Firefox lovers ?
do you love the plugin system of your beloved browser ?
ever wondering how to make your own plugins ?


Information System Departement of ITS Surabaya  will have an interesting events called Mozilla Day. We will have presentations related to addons development and lot of another interesting stuff. Here is the detail :

Date : 24 April 2009 14.00 Indonesian time

Place : Information System Garden,
ITS Campus (building next to Graha ITS )

Speakers : – Romi Hardiyanto (Indonesia Firefox Localization )
– ITS firefox plugin developers
Purezilla (me included :D)

Cost : Free as in freedom, just register and come


– drop an email to kiki [dot] ahmadi [at] gmail with [MOZREGISTER] in the title with your name and email in the message body.

– contact me via YM, its in my CV page in this blog. Or you can wall me at Facebook

– say hi to me at my campus, and have a nice geek talk with me hahaha

oh yeah folks, there will be free food (HAILL!!) :). Oke guys, see you there soon, arigato amigo

happy browsing

4 thoughts on “Firefox Plugin Devtalk at ITS

  1. Hi. I found this post from the Spread Firefox site. Thanks so much for blogging this event. Did you happen to blog anything about the actual event itself? Notes, or videos or whatever, for people that were unable to attend?

  2. mas, saya mau tanya gmn caranya packaging mozilla addons yang sudah kita develop?? saya baca pake zip trus xtension di ubah ke xpi tapi gak bisa di install… saya menggunakan windows… mohon bantuannya dan pencerahannya mas… karena ini digunakan untuk skripsi saya..

    terima kasih ^^

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